God is Here to Stay: Science, Evolution, and Belief in God

The book discussed in this interview is God is Here to Stay: Science, Evolution, and Belief in God (Wipf and Stock, 2014) by Thomas McFaul and Al Brunsting, two authors with very different backgrounds. McFaul is a college professor specializing in philosophy and religion, Brunsting a physicist with numerous publications and patents, many in applied optics.  They have applied hypothesis testing, which is an important statistical tool common to both natural and social science, to an examination of one of the oldest of philosophical and religious dilemmas: the existence of God.  Even a reader who disagrees with the conclusion they reach, or whose interests do not extend to religion and philosophy, will find this a fascinating book simply because of all the natural and social science that the book discusses.  God Is Here To Stay is a unique perspective that should intrigue the full spectrum of believers, non-believers, and doubters.