Judi Bola Sbobet

There are not many Sbobet sites in UK which are trusted but Betfred is one of the largest betting companies in UK right now.

Know One of The Biggest Judi Bola Sbobet Company in UK, Betfred

Basically, there are not many gambling sites in UK that you can trust but if you look for the largest Sbobet company in UK right now, then you need to know about Betfred. It was started in the small shop located in Salford in 1967 but now, the annual revenue of this company is up to 1 billion poundsterling.

The Profile of Sbobet Site, Betfred

Located in Warrington, this company is an independent company. It never merges with another party and it is not sold so it is still in the same hand as the company started in before. When you talk about the operation shop of betting, this company has the large one and you can find around 1650 shops of high street.

Among 300 shops were bought from Ladbrokes Coral Company because it was forced to sell the shops. The racing game is the most popular Sbobet game inside this site. Now this Betfred is ranked in fifth position after Bet365 with 1000 employees work there.