Tangkasnet History Asia

Tangkasnet has a quite long history before they become a huge online gambling company. They also have become main sponsors of several Premier League clubs.

Early History of  Bonus Tangkasnet in Asia

Maybe some of you who like the hobby of gambling often see the name Tangkasnet spread on various pages of the site of the gambling agency. Tangkasnet is the largest master gambling agency in Asia and Tangkasnet’s history is long enough to get into several countries and dominate most gambling sites to provide oversight as well as the betting market today.

Early History Tangkasnet Become A Gambling Company

Tangkasnet is known to have emerged since 2004 and Bill Mummery is the originator of the emergence of this company and is now worldwide where almost all countries use Tangkasnet as a betting market. In 2009 under The Isle of Man as a licensee, Tangkasnet opened a new betting division of Tangkasnet Casino and increasingly became a great company.

In 2014, Tangkasnet made a breakthrough in collaboration with Tradologic to have two prestigious licenses called Isle of Man Ogra License and Phillippines CEZA First Cagayan. In 2009 as well as 2010, Tangkasnet won an award in the Asian Operator category by eGaming Review Magazine and became a company with 11 out of 50 operators that have a strong influence in the gambling world in 2011.

Then the trusted agent master in Asian is becoming known and increasingly widens his wings by becoming the main sponsor of the English league for West Ham club in 2012 and 2013 as well as being Cardiff City 2010. Then in 2013, Celton Maxx as operator Tangkasnet set if the Asian Betting Partnership becomes the main sponsor of five English league clubs are Norwich City, Swansea City, Southampton, West Ham United and Norwich City. Then Tangkasnet began to dominate the Asian gambling market by sponsoring the First Soccerex Asian Forum.